Less Shill, More Real

In the Dash community, the hopium addicion runs deeper than we previously thought. The People’s Republic of Dash which runs the discords and Dash News is more focused on shilling the latest shiny thing than on actually producing real Dash usage.

Cheerleading is fine to a point. There comes a time when the shill machine is so efficiently run and is so loud and widely distributed, that people get confused about what is shill, and what is real.

Take the CoinLogic remittance ATMs thing. CoinLogic are very nice people but these boxes of dollars in Venezuela do not exist. In fact, they would be illegal. In fact, Venezuela is years away from enjoying enough public order to be putting boxes of dollars anywhere the public can reach them.

Take the DashText charity thing. It is custodial. It is being proposed by someone who engaged in act of financial deception with Dash Watch and then made excuses for it. Not to mention, the proposal owner’s active and direct involvement in the fraud that is the count of Dash merchants in Venezuela. Further, it is an active proposal up for approval by the DAO. But here we have Dash News writing articles about it and pimping it as the answer to people’s prayers.

Take the recent DashNews article about fake transaction volume at exchanges for other coins. But today I checked CoinMarketCap and 70% of Dash’s transaction volume is from 1 exchange in Korea that has been accused of engaging in wash trading.

Take the recent Dash News video that alleged Isabel was paying Dash for a Krip phone in Caracas. But all she did was show off the phones. There was no purchase shown, much less a Dash transaction.

Take the fact that we nominally have a DAO but 60% of the funds are earmarked for Dash Core Group, where the CEO makes public statements in favor of paper checks, says the state-controlled financial system works fine and proudly states Dash adoption is a 200-year project.

Take the fact that we pimp how decentralized we are but last cycle, 1 person or coordinated group moved 179 votes in the DAO in 1 day in order to rearrange the voting to his liking. That’s not the first time it has happened, either.

The People’s Republic of Dash wants us to believe Dash is the superior product with decentralization and other wonderful things but the reality is the shill is getting louder than the real.

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

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