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08MADRID522, 09MADRID255, 08MADRID294: The WikiLeak-a-Day Show for Dec 24 2010

Today I discussed leaked cables 08MADRID522, 09MADRID255, 08MADRID294, 06MADRID2380 and 09MADRID417.

Today on the WikiLeak-a-Day show I discussed the following WikiLeaks leaked secret diplomatic cables: 08MADRID522, 09MADRID255, 08MADRID294, 06MADRID2380 and 09MADRID417. The show is available on demand on YouTube, Vimeo and Livestream. You can view my marked up versions of the cables (as seen on the show) at

Next Show

The next show is Monday, December 27 at 12:05PM EST. Watch it live here.

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Here are the articles I discussed:

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Forbes: CIA Responds To WikiLeaks With WTF

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