A Million Thankyous

Thank you so much to everyone who noted my disappearing by federal agents and took steps to aid me. I am blessed and grateful to have such dear friends and comrades. Thank you. I will post more when I can. I’m currently recuperating from the relatively mild torture tactics deployed against me (and many other peaceful individuals I had the pleasure of meeting) in the local federal prison.

I’m currently seeking a criminal defense attorney who can assist in defending me against the federal onslaught. I am infinitely grateful for any assistance you can render. Thank you.

By George Donnelly

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George, I e-mailed you with contact info for an attorney. Look it over. At worst, he’ll be able to give you a good recommendation, but from the couple times I’ve met him, I bet he’ll jump at it or he knows someone who will.

I too wish you the best. When the time comes, please consider implementing a means to contribute to your legal fees. I’d be very pleased to contribute.

You may want to get in touch with a guy named Tony Davis. He does great work with Federal cases. Feel free to get in touch with me and we can discuss some options and I might be able to steer you in the right direction.

Judging from what I read in the complaint and knowing what I know of you, I’d reckon there might be cause for filing a criminal counter-complaint against whoever was molesting you at the time the on-record complainant came on the scene, as well as against him.

George, I e-mailed you with contact info for an attorney. Look it over. At worst, he’ll be able to give you a good recommendation, but from the couple times I’ve met him, I bet he’ll jump at it or he knows someone who will.

Disappeared? I’m guessing this was related to your recent awesome educational work handing out info on the jury process.

When will we get a full summary of what’s going on? I’ve been eagerly searching for more information, but there’s little to be found.

Wishing you the best of luck George; I’ve been there and know that this sorry situation is challenging for you and those who care about you. Hopefully, the prosecutor will see that the proper venue to settle any such matters is in a civil court, not in a criminal court, and so will drop this improper prosecution. I sent the following letter to US Attorney Memeger (I noticed that he’s just been sworn into that office). Please feel free to call or email if you should have any questions or concerns relating to this or any related case.

1017 L Street #410
Sacramento, CA 95814
[email protected]

To: US Attorney Zane David Memeger
Sent via facsimile (215) 861-8618
Re: BOP #65301-066

Dear Mr. Memeger, 5-16-10

As of this date it appears your office persists with the wrongful prosecution of George Donnelly, BOP #65301-066.

I urge you to review the facts of this case and then to do the right thing by taking the following actions: you must drop the wrongful prosecution of George Donnelly. You must provide Mr. Donnelly the names of each of the federal officials involved in his arrest and incarceration and you should advise the same federal officials who are responsible for his arrest and incarceration to apologize to Mr. Donnelly for the harm they have caused him.

Mr. Donnelly did not break any law. Moreover, the activity in which he engaged along with others (who were not subjected to arrest) is protected core political speech activity. Clearly, handing out pamphlets at a public facility, in this case a federal facility, is core political speech and as such is protected. These federal law enforcement officers physically took hold of, restrained and then jailed George Donnelly when in fact it was their sworn duty to protect this man and the core political speech activities in which he and others were engaged.

The current prosecution of George Donnelly is both elective and selective. Others who were with George Donnelly and who were engaged in the same protected core political speech activities were not arrested. Since the date of the arrest of George Donnelly others have engaged in the same protected core political speech activities at the same location and have not been subject to arrest. Indeed, over the last many years literally thousands of people have engaged in the very core political speech activities in which George Donnelly was engaged, specifically, handing our Fully Informed Jury printed information at courthouses all across the country and they have not been subjected to arrest and prosecution.

Federal law enforcement officers who physically took hold of, restrained and jailed George Donnelly also seized a camera George Donnelly had in his possession along with images stored on that device. As the images stored on that camera relate to the events leading up to and including the arrest of defendant George Donnelly they are in fact evidence. Therefore, those images must be made available to defendant George Donnelly.

I have been involved in many cases and extensive litigation related to protecting core political speech. Many people who know George Donnelly have made public their view that he is a peaceful, honest and a good man. In this matter he has been targeted for wrongful arrest and prosecution specifically because he was advocating a political viewpoint. He was victimized by inadequately trained, poorly supervised federal law enforcement officers.

I urge you to expedite your review of this case, to drop these unfounded charges and to apologize to Mr. Donnelly for the harm caused by this unnecessary and very improper prosecution. When any person is denied the right to peacefully engage in protected core political speech activities all of us are harmed.


John P. Slevin

Hi George,
Actually, I think you might want to ask the ACLU to take this case, and you are entitled to sue the people who harmed, kidnapped, and held you as well.
Just a suggestions.

Well I would say, from this video, you gentlemen are having entirely To Much Fun ! ;) These supposed “officers of the law”
simply don’t have a clue,how to deal with the “Truth” other than intimidation and scare tactics.This in my opinion ,is,hilarious.Keep up the good work.cheers

Iloilo, great idea. I’m working on their intake form. Thank you.

John, you are the man.

Bill, hopefully others will pick up the torch, err camera, here and all around the country. The extreme punishment of victimless crimes, and cost thereof, simply demands nothing less.

I think your prior videos will help, establishing that you do nothing more than “inform” people about their rights as jurors.
No reasonable person would interpret that as violent
or disruptive behavior, as some wingnut agenda.
Also, if you have witnesses say they singled you out because
you had a camera and then destroyed the video evidence.
Come on.
That’s not just tacky; that’s downright criminal.

You might feel it, but you’re not alone. From everything I’ve read about you, what you’re doing and your tactics, it would seem that you are 100% being attacked for exercising your rights. The officers violated your rights and the prosecutor is going after you to make a point–not to uphold any law. Hang in there.

glad you’re semi-free right now George, threw some money your way – every little bit helps – it’s just a damn shame that it’s come to this in the ‘land of the free’… Looking forward to more info whenever it can be made available, but in the meantime I understand you’re basically censured. Anyone else looking for a little more information:

Hey George,I think I see an opportunity here if I can find the
“exact” .pdf or .doc files of the “Jury info pamphlets” that is used to produce these documents.While I can’t think of a better way to distribute these “pamphlets” than to do it “boots on the ground” with associated videos like you Patriots are doing,there is a way to get these messages out to folks that are NOT aware.If you will email these to me or post a link where I can DL them,maybe We the People can get our heads together and make a cooperative difference.
Please contact me when you get a chance.cheers

I’d like to join one of your pamphleteering events, but I don’t think I could keep my cool land my BP would skyrocket. I am curious as to why you don’t give your name when the cops ask? Say,”Hi! Thanks for asking. How ya’doin’. I’m George Donnelly. And what’s your name.?” Maybe that will throw them off their game.

Fine business Darren,Thanks for the link.My idea here is not a deep ,dark,secret but just a way that I have found to “educate “We the People” on whatever anyone is about,and do it in such a “Sound Byte” way that doesn’t require any interaction of the viewing party.Since I am a member of American Grand Jury ,I decided to make .gif files that could be downloaded and attached to any emails that ANYONE so chooses.Since a .gif file will automatically open,it puts the information “In your face” so to speak.I am going to post a link here that will give ANYONE a basic idea.On clicking on this link,you will see a “underlined “view album” that will show anyone interested,the various bits of evidences that were used by jurors,to come to their judgements or verdicts.
The small “magnifying glass icon” which is shown of this “album listing” will give interested folks a way to see thumbnails of these .gif files before downloading,should they
desire to do so.

Brian, you make a good point. You suggest one way to respond when an officer asks for name. Some people choose not to give their names and that’s freedom, privacy, etc. It’s just different strokes for different folks. Generally, one is not required to give a name to the police—typically cited exceptions are when one is operating a motor vehicle or when one is being arrested ordetained or might have knowledge about a possible crime that is being investigated. The right to privacy is important.

@Brian Irving #25
Hi Brian,this is just my opinion,but I can well understand why
folks refuse to give their names.They simply don’t want to make it easy for these thugs to make reprisals on them and you can bet they will ! ie. “What’s your name sir !?!? Well my name is Brian Irving,whats yours ? ” Ok now you have made it easy for the corrupt individuals to have a lot of fun with you.
Lets see “call the IRS and see what ole Brian is about and maybe he needs an audit and this list can go on and on.These folks are NOT your friends ,they are part of corrupt elite handlers.Of course,just like I said,this is just one opinion. cheers

I’ve just contributed a few bucks. I’ll try to continue to contribute something every week until this plays itself out. I think the process might be over pretty quickly if you could get a decent lawyer, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get someone experienced to represent you free of charge; keep calling around and getting your friends and family to do so as well. You definitely don’t want to have to rely on someone court-appointed, as their livelihood depends on not pissing off judges & prosecutors.

Don’t give up the fight George! This makes me really mad and I can’t wait to see justice done here! The first amendment should never be put up for sale because the people in power don’t like something. You’re a hero and no matter what happens justice is on your side.

False arrest. False imprisonment. Assault. Abuse of power. I want the names of each of these parties. They will be prosecuted in the days that come. They will not be able to make the excuse, “We were just following orders”. They will be on the opposite side of the courthouse — on the opposite side of the bars.

They are traitors to the people of the United States of America, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and every good and noble predisposition of man.

They are like those at Nuremberg trials who tried to say, “We were just following orders”.

No, you are responsible for your crimes — and will be prosecuted, tried, convicted, and face your accuser on the other side of the bars — the man you falsely imprisoned, falsely arrested, assaulted, and all the principles that made America great you have SHREDDED.

Prepare to face your accusers: the people of the United States of Americas.

We do not tolerate domination here. We do not tolerate intimidation here. We do not tolerate overthrow of the Government of the United States of America: the Constitution – here in this land by those who are sworn to uphold it.

Please keep records – and prepare to press charges, George.

Not in my America will men and women abuse power to commit these crimes against the innocent. They will HAVE their day in court before a jury of peers.

I’d be surprised if they file charges or try to prosecute you. Even if they want to charge you with resisting arrest, they would risk having to face a JURY trial and having the FIJA information introduced as evidence (and SHOWN TO THE JURY). That’s the last thing they want. And if such a trial were to become high profile, your jury education efforts would instantly become infinitely successful. I suspect that’s why they tackled you and the camera; because they knew they didn’t have to worry about doing things properly. IMO they never intended to actually charge you with anything, but were only trying to bluff and intimidate. If they do actually charge you, make it as clear as possible (as soon as possible) that you will not plea bargain and that you want a jury trial.

Anyway, the actions of the goons indicate you are really on to something big; and the ramifications of this incident might fuel a trend. I see cameras and FIJA brochures/info as a perfect marriage. Videotaping the information distribution is the perfect setup for a reverse sting operation. If you’ve always wanted to get police brutality on camera, why not create an environment that’s conducive? You have them between a rock and a hard place; they passionately want to stop you, but they can not risk arresting/charging you.

But obviously if such reverse stings become popular, the cameras must be somehow backed up or made redundant. There are many good ways to do that.

Beyond that, I would resist the temptation to engage in ANY dialogue with the authorities – besides asking for their names and badge numbers.

I can’t donate to help out, but I sure am rooting for you. We cannot be intimidated by bullying by the authorities and our best defense is to spread the evidence that you did not assault them as far across the internet as we can.

Tom Martin: That’s a great idea. Didn’t even think of that…It appears that Napolitano is still intermittently doing the daily show (he hasn’t started his 1time a week show on Fox Business yet)….so that means that he has a need for a lot of different guests, making good odds imo that he would have George on.

U can vote here for guest suggestions for the show….tho I’m not sure if this site is actively being used by people anymore…the top vote getters are the same as I recall them being several months ago when I was last on this page. So I wouldn’t recommend using this (and it would take a shitload of votes to crack the front page where it would be seen…if the FreedomWatch producers even visit this site anymore).

Best way to get him on I think would to be leave comments on FW’s site (1st link above), and on Judge’s Twitter.

Hey George, just wanted to write to let you know my family is behind you and I’ll be doing what I can to spread awareness about your trial as it goes forward. Keep us updated and let us know when you need help. I see you have a legal defense fund up, perfect! I am in the midst of a move this week but as soon as things settle down for me I’ll contribute to it.

It’d be nice if we had a formal insurance network or some similar thing, but this is not a bad start (and maybe I’m wrong, maybe this is an even better way to handle it). As I’m sure you know by now you have a ton of people behind you, and this is not going to go down quietly.

Thanks everyone, thank you very much. It looks like I have a lawyer, Paul Hetznecker, and liberty lovers, reddit folks and others have raised more than $4,000. My jaw is on the floor at this outpouring of support. I hope to not use any of this money and in fact return every dollar. I am deeply grateful for your solidarity and support. Thank you.

This latest situation has me convinced that I need to start carrying a camera around. Which one do you carry, George? Is it the small type that hangs around your neck? I’d like to get one of similar quality.

All the best George.

Have you considered filing a private criminal complaint against CSO Burns in Lehigh Magisterial District Court?

Woe be the day the government’s minions evoke George to self-defense; they will thereafter pause to decide whether their actions are moral and legal.

A court case is a troublesome economic woe no matter how it goes, George. The cost of ‘justice’, or perhaps just injustice, is not cheap, especially when so many before you have failed to seek it, a collective failure that increases the burden of all whom come after. There’s the cost of the laywer, whether he’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘nice’ which is at least 100/hr, and then you usually get charged for all costs accrued in doing business with the courts (printing and filing costs). Not only are there the visible and acutely apparent costs but also the collateral costs taken for participating in these shenanigans, cost to the family, employment viability, being able to handle business affairs when tied up with unlawful detention or coercion…

I often wonder if there are two separate points at which one might decide to rise up against tyranny, one where ‘the people’ recognize the depotism they face and collectively move to quash it, and the other where the state acts so criminally that the defendant’s response is a simple act of self defense. Of course, all of the responses are self-defenses and there’s not so much different about the criminal, whether it is a single petty criminal or the greatest organized criminal syndicate the world has ever known: the US government (and its divisions in the several states), but just the evolution of the defense.

If you come here and take nothing else from how this issue could be prevented, it is that people need to vote smart, exploit educational systems, and take public offices – elected and appointed, to cut down on these incidents. Making sure to seek criminal and civil cases against wrongdoers is equally as important regardless of whether you expect a best case scenario. You can obviously see that the actors are uninhibited by the chance of any consequence, and so if you still believe in interacting (in)volunarily with the government to seek redress, not just for you but for the next guy, all avenues should be explored.

What a damned shame.

George –
All sounds good! I have to believe that the outpouring of indignation and support have everything to do with the dropped charges.

You have a seemingly competent and motivated attorney and a burgeoning war chest, don’t stand down now, go after the marshalls, the CSOs, the US Attorneys and their livelihoods in a civil rights suit.

Take them down George, sue them for everything possible in the realm of civil justice and tort law. Don’t stop now!

For imposing the onerous bail conditions published elsewhere, with total wanton disregard to probable cause or flight risk, a petition ought to be circulated to impeach US Magistrate Judge HENRY S. PERKIN.


IT IS HEREBY ORDERED this 24TH day of May, 2010, that the Order for the Hearing scheduled on Tuesday, May 25, 2010, for the above named defendant, is hereby cancelled based on the Governments Representation that the Complaint & Warrant will be withdrawn.

United States Magistrate Judge

Unfortunately it seems they are going to replace that with another, albeit lesser, charge. Nothing else has changed.

Thanks everyone for your interest and solidarity. I really appreciate it.

Oh really? I’m sorry to hear that they haven’t yet come to their senses about this matter. I was under the impression that they were (appropriately) cutting their losses. Hang in there, George.

George, so far as my donation is concerned: please keep any unused funds, and use them to contribute to Julian’s defense, or any other liberty activist who winds up involuntarily in “the system”.

It is sad to think the very corporations that control the government control the courts and police as well. There is no such thing as a defense Lawyer, All attorneys are bound by oath to serve the court. They will take your money and hand you over to the “mob” just as they did Jesus.
You must learn who you are and stand on your rights at all times, never give in or acquiesce to their demands, but peacefully decline the benefits they offer and do not consent to their demands. It is a game, and in the end they will break many laws and violate many rights to persecute you. Be willing to live or die for what is right, or bow to their false authority. “I send you out as sheep among wolves, therefore be wise as serpents and peaceful as doves.”
Their time is short and they know it, they are desperate to maintain the illusion of control, once it is lost, they will die out like the parasites they are.
~Peace and Love..

Amen,to the two previous posters.
This is an email I sent to a pal down in Australia who claims he is not political:
Hi Spike,Well Spike of course everyone has an opinion as to their view of the world and I believe everyone has that right.
Since I have become an old man,I realize of course my tenure is unknown,so I really don’t worry about how this all
effects me personally but I do believe if America does not stand up and do the right thing,then the U.S. will become
a totalitarian socialist regime ie.”the new world order” an for all the faults of America,which are many,this is turn will
affect ALL nations under the rule of the international criminal bankers .While you and I do not know how long we will be around,I can safely say that whatever legacy the world citizens leave your children and grand
children,they will have to deal with it.I simply don’t want them ,to have to.Me political !? I just don’t know,but I am for truth and freedom and if this dies,we ALL lose. nuff said !

George, do you intend to post your LTCF revocation notice from the Montgomery County Sheriff in the near future?

@bill: PA
@George: 18 Pa.C.S. 6109(i): Revocation.–A license to carry firearms may be revoked by the issuing authority for good cause. A license to carry firearms shall be revoked by the issuing authority for any reason stated in subsection (e)(1) which occurs during the term of the permit. Notice of revocation shall be in writing and shall state the specific reason for revocation. Notice shall be sent by certified mail to the individual whose license is revoked, […]

I read the first three sentences in conjunction to mean that a sheriff is allowed but not required to revoke a license upon information that legally qualifies a 6109(e)(1) prohibitor, and that the revocation notice must cite the (e)(1) prohibitor. I’d say for fair notice purposes that the notice also must contain the good cause (essentially the background of the information pertaining to the cited (e)(1) reason (although an unreported opinion from the Commonwealth Court has suggested that stating the ‘good cause’ is not required.)

All I really want to know is if the letter was sent via certified mail, if it contained an (e)(1) reason citation, and an explanation of good cause. To me, failing to follow any of these steps makes the revocation void ab initio, since they are incredibly clear and simple steps to follow. Leave appeals for other errors of law and abuses of discretion!

Anyway, I presume the (e)(1) reason will be “(viii) An individual who is charged with or has been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year except as provided for in section 6123 (relating to waiver of disability or pardons).” Although your charge was to be withdrawn, I don’t know what (the status of) your new charge is.

Yes, it was sent via certified mail.

No, it does not cite an (e)(1) reason.

No, there is no other explanation beyond “as a result of information received by this office.”

The law seems to suggest that the laminated card has to be returned within 5 days or it’s a summary offense.

I understand that the new charges are a misdemeanor and the maximum punishment is 6 months in jail.

Thanks. I appreciate your help.

Well, it gets to be a confusing situation when there may have been a charge of a crime with has a max penalty of more than 1 year, and the sheriff receives that info, but then it, just days after, disappears and becomes a less-than-1-year charge.

You have 30 days from some point in the revocation process to appeal to the Court of Common Pleas in the county. I would think it has to be 30 days from when you first get actual notice by receiving the envelope containing the letter, but some might argue it’s the date the sheriff made up in his head, or the date on the letter he wrote, or when he first deposited it as certified mail, or the first delivery attempt, etc.

One thing you should know is that there is a type of discovery process in this civil-quasi-criminal proceeding (as I’ve seen both lawyers mention and read in that unreported Commonwealth court case) which should allow you to acquire the docs the sheriff used to make his decision, and I imagine you also have the opportunity to call the sheriff or other parties to testify.

I do think it would be worthwhile for you to appeal even if just proceeded pro se.

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