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Those Willing to Face Violent People in Defense of their Comrades are Heroes

I admire David Krouse. Violent people attacked a peaceful person in his presence. As the thugs attempted to flee with their victim, David took a stand in front of the car. It’s Tiananmen Square, albeit on a smaller scale. David committed an act of civil disobedience. He resisted state thugs peacefully. David, and everyone else who peacefully resists unjust laws and immoral acts of state thugs, is a hero. I applaud him. Imagine if everyone present that day had formed a line behind David. Those cops might never have gotten out of there!

Are people who willingly go to jail for a worthy cause dumb? Are they just seeking attention? Is it better to resist quietly, from the comfort of your home and office? Are other forms of consciousness-raising just as important and just as effective? I don’t know. Each person has to make their own decisions about what forms of resistance are right for them. But don’t you dare put down David and his kind. It takes a lot of thinking and the courage of your convictions to do what David did. The same goes for other civil disobedients. These are rare qualities indeed. No matter your personal choices, we need to cherish these qualities wherever they may be found. Our very future depends on leaders like David.

By George Donnelly

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