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How to Extract Confessions from Innocent Men

Prepare to be shocked by this Frontline documentary.

This Frontline documentary will blow your mind. How do innocent men get sent to jail for decades? Cops bully them into confessing during non-stop interrogations. They lie to them. They threaten them. They crush their spirit. They exhaust them. You need to watch this because anyone could fall victim to this scam. Anyone. Prepare yourself. Although the risk is low, the cost is infinite. Seriously, prepare to be surprised.

By George Donnelly

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3 replies on “How to Extract Confessions from Innocent Men”

There’s a reason police interrogations aren’t recorded.

Some criminal defense lawyer blogs are amusing. Here’s a good post:

A very savvy client allegedly signed a confession. The police swear he signed the confession. The client denies it. The signature appears to be forged. The judge and jury believe the policeman.

Police “internal affairs” interrogations are *ALWAYS* videotaped. However, police may or may not videotape an interrogation. The police may destroy the tape or use it as evidence, depending on what suits their interests.

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