Free Keene Gets TV Coverage

Ask me how you can get coverage for your liberty activism too.

ABC’s WMUR New Hampshire affiliate covered the libertarian Free Keene peaceful evolution project the other night. The video is a full five minutes long! Sure, it’s full of fear and warning in between the lines, but if you believe any publicity is good publicity, then this is quite an accomplishment. But the coverage is not all bad. Lines like, “My body, my property,” “freedom!,” and “violence is wrong” made the cut. The video also shows a family divided, with the son in support of Free Keene and the father against. That right there says loads. It should create a favorable impression among young people. Ian Freeman, as always, gave an excellent interview.

Why now? That’s the question I’m asking myself. Is it because of Pete and Adam and the Free Pete press release which went out to mainstream media nationwide? I don’t doubt it helped. After the Sam Dodson press release back in April of 2009, two prominent news articles popped up for the Free State Project. So it wouldn’t surprise me if the $715 release has paid off again.

And this brings me to a point I have been trying to demonstrate for awhile. If you work hard, if you put some leadership and some elbow grease into liberty activism, it will pay off. In the case of Sam Dodson, the $715 press release came out of my pocket, but in this case the community raised it. Didn’t cost me a dime. And we did it in 7 hours. The best part? You can replicate this in your town. You don’t have to to jail. You don’t have to invest years. Just do something noteworthy and meaningful. Document it. Raise some funds. Send out a press release. Keep repeating it. You will meet with success as long as what you’re doing is noteworthy and meaningful.

Feel free to call on me for help with the press release.

By George Donnelly

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