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I am Powerful and I Will Never Give Up

An inspirational manifesto for those brought low by the state.

Am I powerless? My vote doesn’t count. My voice is not heard in the corridors of power in Washington. My bank account is too small to fund political change. My salary is siphoned off into FICA taxes, income taxes, gas taxes, mortgage payments, credit card payments and inflated grocery bills before I see a dime. At any time I could be assaulted by the cops, fined by meter maids, tasered by the state police, murdered by the ATF, seized by the FBI or left penniless by the IRS. I am a punching bag standing patiently in line for my turn in the wringer.

My Future is Wide Open

Be that as it may, I am powerful. I can ignore Washington. I can start a business and stop paying FICA and income taxes. I can move to a smaller house and pay down my debts. I can raise some or all of my own food in a home garden. I can learn how to defuse cop attacks, fight parking tickets, defend myself and stave off the IRS. I have choices. I have a brain. I can’t change my past but my future is wide open! Anything is possible. I can do it!

When I’m Frustrated

“There are many causes I would die for. There is not a single cause I would kill for.” – Mohandas Gandhi

When I’m frustrated I remember that none of it matters. It doesn’t matter that the wrong candidate won office. He doesn’t rule me! He only has as much power as I voluntarily grant him. I never agreed to be bound by the laws he passes. I live my own life with integrity and honor by following the natural law: I do not aggress against others and I keep my word.

Personal Change

I don’t care about political change, only personal change. And that doesn’t require a large bank account. I can start living a better life right now. I can eat better right now. I can treat my loved ones and myself better right now. I don’t have the power to change others, but I have complete power over my own actions. I start rearranging my affairs now!

I Can Provide for Myself

I can live more frugally. I can stop buying expensive processed foods, eat out less often and start cooking from scratch. I can move to a smaller home or rent instead of owning. I can start a side business and pay off my debt. Soon I am self-employed and boycott the FICA and income taxes because I never agreed to those. I can provide for myself.

Lower the Risks

I can lower the risk of government attacks by ignoring and boycotting government to the best of my ability. I remember that when government agents have my back against the wall, the only choice I have is to comply – for now. I live on to fight another day. I build up my strength in community with other good people until the day comes when I declare my independence.

I Can

As I grow more happiness and independence in my own life, I will help others do the same. I’ll boycott the strategies, agencies, options and involuntary obligations that once led me into vulnerability. I’ll exhort others to do the same. Soon we will be free, happy, at peace and prosperous. I am powerful. I have many options. I can overcome. I can make a better life for myself. I can.

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By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

5 replies on “I am Powerful and I Will Never Give Up”

I live my own life with integrity and honor by following the natural law: I do not aggress against others and I keep my word.


Whenever someone lies or breaks a contract, they’re propping up the State, because that organization survives on the meat of our collective distrust. Want to fight government oppression? Quit lying.

As Bob Dylan (and so many others before him) said, “to live outside the law you must be honest.”

I strongly recommend the book “Unintended Consequences” for a great counter-argument to this argument. I don’t disagree that this is a good “political, public” tactic. But it does not win a war based on asymmetrical warfare.

They have our cell phones, our email, or communication networks. They have also made our weapons illegal, and eliminated all of our protection under the law.

Jury rights information only cuts them, but it can be silenced with force or threats. Elections can be stopped or rigged. At that point, violence or submission to tyranny becomes the only answer. No philosophy rightfully demands submission.

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