Why does the Military Get so Much Money?

Ridicule defeats the most powerful guns and most sensitive surveillance devices.

Media that tells the truth with ridicule is worth its weight in laughter. This piece from Mark Fiore is pure win. How is it the military can get so much money? What happened to Bush’s peace dividend? The US is a lone superpower empire. Why does it need so many guns? Maybe their psy-ops are tricking congresscritters into voting them more money? I really don’t get it, but this video takes an entertaining look at the phenomenon. And Mark has more hilarious ridicule of authoritarian thugs on his website.

Speaking of psy-cops, why is the FBI making plans to lobby congress and the president for more power? Is it really an appropriate use of taxpayer funds to lobby for more power and more taxpayer funds? I don’t think so. What about you?

By George Donnelly

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2 replies on “Why does the Military Get so Much Money?”

I haven’t watched the video yet, but I think I can tell why. The same reason that teachers’ unions are under fire while police unions are garnering further protections. “The State”, as we talk about it, IS the enforcement apparatus. Without the police and the military, there would cease to be a state. With no one to enforce the dictates of the law makers, then the state would be no more effective than me sitting in my living room making proclamations on what society should and should not be.

I’ve watched the video now. Very amusing. It’s much like the entire debate over the federal budget cuts. “We’ve shaved 63 BILLION off the 2011 budget!” Yes, but you had already “budgeted” to overspend by 1.4 TRILLION!!!

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