Check out the Free Market at Work in Argentina

In The Take (2004) laid off workers in an IMF-bankrupted nation demonstrate free market principles as they take back the means of production from bailed-out, absentee landlords and rebuild their own lives as productive people. To some it might look like a struggle against capitalism. But I would say it is an example of free […]

Libertarian Opinion

Taxation and Nationalization are Both Armed Robbery

Some love a vigorous exchange of ideas, while others dare not speak too much for fear of revealing the contradictions in their own thinking. I ran into an example of the latter the other day by way of a tax accountant, Joe Kristan, who advocates the creation of a special IRS unit to go after […]

Libertarian Politics

What a Real Financial Collapse Looks Like

How Argentina was Sold Down the River This 59-minute documentary excerpt tells the story of how Argentina experienced financial collapse and what the aftermath looked like. It’s not a pretty sight, especially for Americans, as Argentina was brought down primarily by a ruling class that sold them out and took on a huge national debt. […]