Non-Voting is Principled Political Self-Defense

If a man claims the right to dictate your life to you, and you laugh in his face, are you giving up your right to self-defense? That’s what Libertarian Party member Morey Straus claims in his essay The trouble with voluntaryists. What separates anti-political libertarians from principled partyarchs is the advocacy of a vulgar form […]

Libertarian Opinion

Taxation and Nationalization are Both Armed Robbery

Some love a vigorous exchange of ideas, while others dare not speak too much for fear of revealing the contradictions in their own thinking. I ran into an example of the latter the other day by way of a tax accountant, Joe Kristan, who advocates the creation of a special IRS unit to go after […]


Why Not to Designate Oil a Public Utility

In a missive straight out of Atlas Shrugged, Judge Ed Ludwig wants us to “designate oil companies as public utilities”. Don’t let the semantics confuse you. What he really advocates is price controls, blackmail and fascism. What’s Reasonable? A public utility regulated by the state or federal government, or the two working together, is entitled […]