Stop being Negative and Start Building! (AYMFL 0009)

Why are libertarians so negative? We toss around words like “sheeple” and “tard.” We brag about hating the state. We found efforts like Cop Block and The Art of NOT Being Governed. Have we forgotten that we need to be builders and creators? That we need to build a broad coalition in order to actually put our ideas into the mainstream? Watch the video to hear my thoughts on this important topic.

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Seasteading is not about No Rules and Loose Building Codes

This Yahoo News article about PayPal founder Peter Thiel’s donation to the Seasteading Institute cracks me up. According to the writer, the libertarian project consists of “no welfare, looser building codes, no minimum wage, and few restrictions on weapons.” LOL. In reality, libertarianism is about having legitimate authority, voluntary authority. Right now, the world is […]


Feds Say Photography of Federal Buildings OK But the Marshals and Federal Cops Have Final Word

Libertarian activist makes DHS say uncle. But the marshals won’t change.