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Make the Agora Great Again

Nation-state power is declining. The power of the individual is expanding. There is no better time to form an organization whose goal is to effect a global market anarchist evolution. Work starts now.

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Nothing Left to Say, Only Do Now

There are tons of plans and ideas for how a market anarchist society could work but there is no plan for how to get to any of those ideals from the less than ideal situation we currently find ourselves in. I’d like to do something about that. What about you?

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PorcFest Will be Raided. Prepare Now.

PorcFest will be raided by a combined local, state and federal police force some time in the next three years. Start preparing for this eventuality now. Take PorcFest a step further. Inject more leadership, long-range planning and on-the-ground organization into it. Do it now, before it’s too late.


Rothbard’s Defense of Private Police and Courts in “For a New Liberty” Falls Short

Over at C4SS’ Stateless U in ATP 102, I read and critiqued Chapter 12 (“The Public Sector, III: Police, Law, and the Courts”) of Murray Rothbard’s “For a New Liberty“. [PDF] In Chapter 12 of “For a New Liberty,” Murray Rothbard makes a less compelling case for market-based defense and dispute resolution than, for example, […]

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A Convincing Schematic for Market Anarchy

The market can handle law too. Here’s how.


Yes, “Outside the System” Activism is Part of a Coherent Strategy for Liberty

Yes, Virginia, there is a coherent market anarchist strategy for achieving liberty. Since we’re programmed to accept only state-run elections as a valid change vector, this can be hard to accept – but it’s true. If you dismiss it out of hand, you’re letting a great opportunity pass you by, so please give this your […]