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PorcFest Will be Raided. Prepare Now.

PorcFest will be raided by a combined local, state and federal police force some time in the next three years. Start preparing for this eventuality now. Take PorcFest a step further. Inject more leadership, long-range planning and on-the-ground organization into it. Do it now, before it’s too late.

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The Free State Project is for Anarchists, Too

Are you a libertarian anarchist swept up in Free State Project hype? Can’t get your head around “Free State” being an oxymoron but still want in on all that FSP fun? Don’t sweat it. The FSP isn’t just for minarchists anymore. It’s also ripe for anarchist co-option. Fertile Ground Many, if not most, FSP members […]

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Is 100 Days in Jail for Failing to Stand a Just Punishment?

Follow this story and help Ian @ Ian Freeman of Keene, New Hampshire has a couch on his property. It’s a musty old couch. But it’s on his property, not his neighbor’s. Someone complained about this couch, and asked for it to be removed. So says an official from the City of Keene. He […]