Update on My Prosecution by Federal Authorities after Videotaping them in Allentown, PA

I am sorry I have not previously mustered the courage or motivation to post an update. Frankly, I was frightened out of my wits for some time after I was arrested in Allentown, Pennsylvania on May 11 of this year. Only recently have I started to feel something approaching normal again. The original charge that […]

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Is 100 Days in Jail for Failing to Stand a Just Punishment?

Follow this story and help Ian @ Ian Freeman of Keene, New Hampshire has a couch on his property. It’s a musty old couch. But it’s on his property, not his neighbor’s. Someone complained about this couch, and asked for it to be removed. So says an official from the City of Keene. He […]


Virginia: The Baby-Stealing State

What would you do if the government forcibly took your 3-week-old baby from you based on an anonymous (and false) charge that you were neglecting the baby? And, nine months later, when the government finally agreed with you, what would you do if a judge denied the return of your baby to you, saying that […]